It has been a full month. It has been weeks with a lot of planning, work and interaction. It has been days that seem like eternities. But all of this spent with a good mood, energy, enthusiasm and anxiety. A mix of healthy feelings that make me grow all the time.

These weeks when I was away from writing, I had the opportunity to do together with my friends a campaign of collecting clothes, shoes and toys that I can say was a success! From interviews to community newspapers to hours and hours in a room separating lots and lots of goods in a sea of boxes like i never saw before.

But part of my work and help has also been necessary in the continuous realization of activities in schools, in which I feel more confident and more committed, which means that our work is having a very positive impact on the children and young people with whom we spend a few hours of our week in an environment full of harmony and learning.

For me, foster houses have been a great privilege and I can’t describe how I love spending time with those children and teenagers. They make the best of me comes to the surface.

Now, it’s time to work in our personal projects, that starts now (February) until end of May. The name of my project is: Let´s join hands and serve the ones next to us. Why I chose this name?


The society is mostly surrounded by people who every day after work / school come home and have a hot meal to eat, but not all of us has that lucky. There are some exceptions that we can/need to pay attention. There are human beings who unfortunately spend evenings without food, without shelter, without being able to talk about their daily routine. We can´t stop this situation from one day to another, but we can fight for human rights with simple gestures, like giving our hand and serving those around us.

So, in these months i will focus on filling a primary need, like provide food to those who need it most. I want to help our community, including the night shelter of Somaschi association, gipsy communities and help the people who are in the streets (near train station/Gara), in Baia Mare.

I´m so willing to start my project, I can´t wait 😀