Have been weeks of management, planning, work, enthusiasm, affection, goals and determination. The time is passing so fast and when I look back, I realize how many things I´ve done but also all that I still want to do. I started my personal project three weeks ago doing one meeting per week. The name of my project is ” Let´s join hands and serve the ones next to us” and is based on social work, helping the other without asking anything in return. It consists of going in a shelter, spending time there, cooking and serving food to kids, youth and adults during the lunchtime and at night (in the streets). As the shelter closes in the spring and summer season, we will serve food next to the train station of Baia Mare among with the team responsible for the shelter. During these months we will plan and organize campaigns of collecting food, plastic utensils and cleaning products in supermarkets that will be donated to the sheter, place that will receive us and make available the space for this project.

Two weeks ago, we visited the shelter and it was for everyone a process of adaptation and reflection because we faced an unknown reality. For two days, I´ve been passing through a process of reflection which made me be sure about my willing of continue this project. We are a team of 16 people from YMCA Romania, Somaschi and Green Tin volunteers. I´m very happy of having a team that believes in the same values as me and also in the implementation of the concept “better community” awareness of “sharing is caring”.