Living abroad and trying new things, meeting new people is wonderful, but it is also a roller-coaster of feelings in many ways. You do not want to miss nothing that it is done and you always have will to try all the possibilities that appear in your way. I must say that I have learnt how tiring being in the continuous search can be. It is definitely important to be curious, but it is also important to know where is your real motivation to keep going and giving your best. The EVS can change you in many ways, but you will still have your basic necessities that need to be fulfilled.

After a little demotivation provoked by the grey weather that reduced the possibilities of moving in the city and out of it, to which we can also add the stalled routine, here comes the sunrise of a new pick of the rollercoaster mentioned before. The sun is pulling me out from home to a more active life, what charges my batteries, our youth work in schools it is getting easier and more satisfying since we do not stress that much about it – we are learning how to face the obstacles -, I am becoming more independent in my daily life and I feel really comfortable in the city.

Also, the chance of exploring a new field in which I have always been interested is taking me a lot of time that I am happy to spend. My personal project has just started: I will be working for and with the planetarium for some months. It has only been one week, but I am so enthusiastic about it. The people there are willing to teach me and answer all the questions that it may appear. Moreover, they are treating me so good and are giving me the space to come up with new events and activities that I can create together with them.

My biggest wish to take from Romania is to seize the possibilities its raw wildness gives me and I am determined to learn as much as possible about the universe to not only relish the earth – that I love -, but also the sky above.