This is my seventh blog and they said that seven is a magical number. Maybe that is why this week have been very successful. Everything started with an idea of my friend Catarina. A classical idea, nothing new but very needed. The idea was to make a collect of clothes, shoes and toys that the people is not using no more in order to give it to people from disadvantaged familes that really need it. So, in this way, we can give a second use to things that are still working and fine, and instead of be filling places in the houses they can be used by people that may need them. It’s a beautiful story. In a world with running out resources to share what we have is the key to assure everybody have enough to live. In a lot of cultures they think that a part of our souls remains in the objects we use. So now giving them to people that are going to use them again is like bring back to live that parts of our souls. That remembers me a lot to Toy Story 3 and I always cry when I watch that movie (also with the en of Digimon 02 serie, I don’t know why).

The thing is that we tried to do it well but little, it was our first experience doing this so we were trying and we didn’t expect to much success. We already had twelve boxes from Catarina’s mom so we already had things to give to the community. So we didn’t expect at all (at all!!!) the huge success we had. We were amazed while we were receiving more and more bags and boxes each day of the collect. At the end we had an enourmous amount of things to share. The fact of that big amount of people answering when the community was asking for help really moved me. From here I clap for the people from Baia Mare that helped us that much. Thank you very much!

Now what we have to do is a lot of work. We need to sort all the things we got by type of clothes, sizes, gender, ages, etc. The objective is to make an inventary to use them in the most efficient way. Different NGO’s will tell us what are the necesities of the community and we can give them exactly what they need. And it is a hard work, even exhausting, but step by step we are doing it. We will do aour best.

By the way my personal project was already aproved (the idea, I mean, I am writting it this week). I prefer to tell you in another post but I am going to tell you in advance that is about LGTBIQA+, gender and discrimination (wow, nobody expected that). It is project that I really want to do but also scare me. Well, I will do my best 😀

Kisses and glitter!

PD: Yes, The guy in the picture it’s me working hard 😀