One month since we started this second stage and four since all the project started. This weekly blog makes me think on how fast time goes away. Every time it’s time to write a new one, I feel the heaviness of this sand watch on me. The need of doing something that makes each grain count.

But we are into that: our first event out of the schedule was a huge success. Definitely bigger than we expected. This shows us how far can our ideas go in this city. The citizens are so active and ready to take part in whatever we create, what is amazing and gives us the strength to dream bigger than we could imagine. Also that fact motivates us to organize new adventures that will challenge us all.

When the sun comes out and the temperature rises a bit more, we will use what we are learning in our personal projects and some other activities that we already have in our minds: intercultural events, social awareness, animal related, sports, etc. Hopefully, we will still catch the community’s attention and the YMCA volunteers that are now helping us so much will still be available to have fun with us.