1. About the project: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

“F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Favorire Relazioni Inclusive Europee Non Discriminanti e Solidali)” project will be held in Siderno city (Southern Italy) and its surroundings for 11 months, between 1.10.2020 – 31.03.2022.

The period of service for the volunteer will be 1st February – 31st December 2021.

The project will host 2 volunteers from Spain and Romania.

The project partner organizations are: Federatia Young Men’s Christian Association (Romania) and Asociación Multideportiva Euexia (Spain).

The approach of our organization is based on the promotion of solidarity through volunteering activities. We encourage on a daily basis young people within our community, and most of all our volunteers, to actively participate and cooperate.

By doing this we build trust in the community that we serve while increasing a personal, social and cultural growth of our volunteers. A fundamental part of our work is to promote cultural diversity, to create awareness about environmental issues and to fight every form of exclusion and discrimination.

Everything is structured in a community context through solidarity activities that aim to improve a positive societal change, professional and interpersonal skills and an increased employability opportunities, fostering cooperation in a high quality youth work frame.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is the result and a continuation of what our association has been doing in both local and international programs over the past 12 years. We already have experienced hosting volunteers back in 2016, when we hosted 3 YMCA’s volunteers from Ukraine, UK and The Netherlands.

The main programs and projects of YMCA Siderno are focused totally on youth needs for which we provide: trainings on various topics, summer days camps, workshops, international youth exchanges, festivals, sports events and environmental projects.

2. Objective and specific goals

Our organization carries out various programs and activities that address the needs and dreams of young people in our community. We face different kind of problems, from global to local challenges.

The project intends to promote some general objectives which are:

– To develop the competencies necessary for a personal, educational, social, civic, cultural and professional development; promoting inclusion, equality, interculturality and equity.

– To raise awareness about cooperation, climate change and solidarity within the community by creating intergenerational links and events within the city of Siderno, with the purpose of positive social change.

Alongside this general objectives we have specific goals:

– To make sure their voices and actions are heard as recommendations for local authorities.

– Involve 50 children and young people with fewer opportunities in inclusive programs, led by our international volunteers, designed to fight discrimination, exclusion, segregation, bullying and violence, with the goal of building trust and involving the community.

– Allow the 2 volunteers to create, during their service, their personal laboratory according to their needs, theirs interests and their skills.

– Promote the European Solidarity Corps at a regional level as an opportunity for personal and professional development;

– To help the transition into the labor market and the employability world especially for those with less opportunities.

– Ensure opportunities for amateur sports practice by promoting multicultural and multi-ethnic integration.

3.Who can participate?

Young people with age between 18-30 who:

– are citizens or legal residents of the partner organization countries: Spain and Romania;

– show enthusiasm, motivation to learn and show creative knowledge, abilities.

– are motivated to create and implement activities related with the environment and inclusion involving local teenagers and communities

– are determined to be involved in a long term mobility project that will finish after 11 months.

– have skills and willingness to adapt to a new country and culture.

– are interested in organizing community events, in non-formal education, in climate change issues and participation.

– have basic English speaking skills (this is not an essential condition).

– have artistic skills (music, dance, theater, painting) – added value.

– are facing difficulties : socially, economically, geographically, unemployment, school drop out, coming from minority community, from single parent family, from conflict area, foster care, etc.

Volunteers will be accommodated in one house/apartment with shared rooms (2 persons per room), kitchen, bathroom. The house/apartment will be equipped with all necessary utilities for living. Volunteers are responsible of keeping the apartment and rooms clean. Internet will be provided in the house and in the office.

4. More details, application form and deadline

More details about the project, the volunteering service and hosting country (including info about Covid 19 pandemic) :  Info_Pack_FRIENDS_Compressed

Application form : https://forms.gle/2sLBd5ysGkZDUD9j6

The deadline to apply is  15 December,  2020 ( our advise is to apply immediately)
Send your CV and fill the application form to progetti@ymcasiderno.it till 15.12.2020.

The project is funded by European Solidarity Fund.