After the winter holidays, our international volunteers from “Building Stronger Communities” project are back to work!

Coming back with a lot of energy from having seen their loved ones during Christmas holidays, our international volunteers started to be active in YMCA Romania again this past week. They have discussed with students from Colegiul Economic Pintea Viteazul in Cavnic about volunteer work. It has been great to discover which associations did the studets already know that work with volunteers and to talk to them about new ones that maybe they weren’t aware of. We were pleasently surprised to discover that many of these students have worked as volunteers in the past, mainly at institutions concerned with environmental issues, taking part in actions such as collecting trash from forests.



This monday in the evening they were also present at Somaschi’s night shelter in Baia Mare, serving the food and helping to clean up afterwards. This kind of work feels very rewarding for our volunteers.