Our international volunteers from the “Building Stronger Communities” project have shared with us their experience volunteering in YMCA Romania once again, as they do every month. This video shows us very shortly the type of things that have happened in February in the life of the volunteers: traveling, participating in activities with the community, doing office hours, among others. In February the volunteers have traveled to Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca together and these traveling experiences gave them a different perspective of the work they do in Baia Mare, it makes them come back stronger and with new ideas. It was a month of changes because two of the volunteers, Sini and Antonio, left the project in this month. Therefore, it has been a month of adaptation to new situations. Margarida and Marina have been learning how to face the project in a different way and find new motivations in unexpected places.

This is the link to the video, that is published on youtube: