JOIN OUR TEAM: CALL for European Union countries VOLUNTEERS for “Building Stronger Communities” project in Baia Mare, Romania

Updated edit: 29.01.2021

-We are looking for 2 volunteers from any EU country to complete the team of this project. ( citizens or residents)

Activity dates: service between 1.03.2021-31.08.2021 with the possibility to extend 1 month ( 31.09.2021)

Deadline to apply: 14.02.2021

Other info,  CV and motivation letter to be sent to office@ymca.ro till 14.02.2021.


1. About the project and partners

Building Stronger Communitiesproject will take place in Baia Mare city and its surroundings – Cavnic, (North-West Romania) with  11 months service, between 1.10.2020- 31.08.2021.

The project will host 4 volunteers, from 4 EU countries.

The project partner organizations could be: Verein 4YOUgend  (Austria), ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil (Portugal), Asociación Building Bridges (Spain) and the 4th one will be confirmed during the selection process of the volunteers.

The approach of our organization is to respond not only to the existing needs but also to build bridges of knowledge, of trust within the local communities that we serve, promoting and supporting local engagement, active involvement of the young people in the life of our communities.

This approach was emphasized at the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum from January 2017-2019, our organization having one representative in the official delegation of World YMCA. We put in practice the message expressed there: We cannot see the youth only as our future, because we jeopardize all our future. The young people are the present, they need to act now, to raise their voice now, and we need to listen now.

Building stronger communities is the renewed continuation of what we have been doing in both local and international youth led programs. In the 16 years of experience that we have, the quality youth work creates a big impact in our context. By bringing international youth we spread our service to a bigger frame and our work is enriched by the new perspective, knowledge, mentality, interculturality. We are proud to say that we offer a free and safe space for self expression and creativity, which leads to a wider development and empowerment.

Its idea is to develop youth empowering programs in which youth are empowered to become active citizens engaged in their community. The proposed project addresses the needs, interests and hot topics existing at European and local level: civic engagement, youth empowerment, climate change and environment protection, inclusion. Everything is structured in community context through solidarity activities that lead to positive societal change, improvement of skills and increased employability opportunities, fostering cooperation, in a high quality youth work frame, following the principles of the European Solidarity Corps and organization’s core values: care, respect, honesty, responsibility, faith, diversity, solidarity, inclusion, cooperation.

„Building stronger communities” project aims to promote solidarity through volunteering activities, to encourage active citizenship by empowering young people to engage in strengthening our communities, by advocating for climate, diversity, inclusion, non discrimination, democratic participation, equity, cooperation.

Standard activities

– Inclusion programs at HHC family/foster homes in Baia Mare, at Cavnic (city declared legally disadvantaged -urban poor, with a mixed population of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Roma), in the Roma community – creative activities, green education, sports, activities to develop social competences and ITC and digital competences, recreational activities, intercultural education, SDGs, civic engagement

– Own workshops that the volunteers will create and implement in the second part of their service based on their interests and abilities; open calls will be created to foster community involvement.

The Y(outh) 4 SDGs – leadership and Sustainable Development Goal education and action program for preteenagers and teenagers.

Green Club: climate change and environmental education for  young people from schools.

YMCA Leadership Academy: education and actions for SDGs, Youth Goals, Climate change, community engagement, youth led projects/events, activities for and with local YMCA  volunteers

TenSing Program: youth led program focused on leadership through theatre, music, dance, media content to transmit messages values, important for youth.

Youth Centre activities – with youth who are coming to the Youth Center belonging to Maramures Youth and Sports Directorate – activities will be developed according to the needs and interest of the youth coming there: from socializing, games, common activities, club , debates, community projects

– Media workshop in which volunteers will create products, promotion on social networks, platforms, ebook (about participation of young people, youth and climate change an excellent tool for promoting and disseminating the themes of the project, activities, results, explaining the meaning of young people the benefits of community involvement and inclusive education meant to strengthen a community), monthly newsletter.

Community Links program: interact at least 5 neighborhoods of Baia Mare and create 1 event/neighborhood, according to their needs and interests. Beneficiaries: youth, kids, adults, seniors- inter generational approach

– Weekly meeting of coordination, supervision, evaluation, task related support.

– Office work: perspective about how an organization is operating, documents, acquisitions, procedures, press releases.

– Mentorship: establishing the learning objectives, internalizing the daily basis experiences, sharing of feelings and thoughts, integration, reflection on personal assets and working on the Youthpass.

– Romanian culture & language: vocabulary, grammar, common expressions, conversation, writing, reading, cultural, historical aspects, integration.

– Meeting with other NGOs, authorities, other community stakeholders – integration, awareness, collaboration.

– Involvement in the association’s projects: festivals, camps, training, events, general meetings.

– Planning and preparing the activities for the week: research, preparation, materials, logistics.

*We will organize 9 sessions presenting volunteering and ESC during the community events and complementary activities.

**In summer of 2021 we will have our educational and recreational camps including children and young people with fewer opportunities both from the programs over the year as well as new groups, in Baia Mare, Cavnic, other areas, depending on the planning of the Camp Program Committee.

Accordingly with the evolution of the Covid 19 pandemic, the activities can be adapted to online sessions and to the community needs from that certain period of time. Also the period of the service and be shifted before October 2020 or postponed, depending on the specific situation from autumn.

Complementary activities

3 events in 3 smaller cities from Maramures: Tg Lapus, Sighetu Marmatiei and Viseu de Sus. Through these events we want to empower 25 young people from each city to volunteer and through this to develop their skills, to raise awareness about participation, active citizenship, solidarity, interculturality, inclusion, to raise awareness and educate by identifying main 3-5 issues affecting them and their local communities, its causes and solutions needed in short and long terms and passing them to the local authorities.

2.Training and methodology

The volunteers will receive several training courses about the organization, the different programs, team building, on non formal education, working with children and youth, civic engagement, civic education, green education, SDGs, conflict management, leadership, time management, intercultural education, human rights, etc.

The program is extremely varied, with activities, participatory methods that stimulate learning, creativity, active involvement, initiative, reflection.

Non-formal methods: experiential learning, learning by doing, role play, simulations, energizers, reflection, teamwork, coaching, a class divided, panel, fish bowl, town hall meeting, World cafe, Open space, workshops, clubs, peer to peer, Punctum, Mandala, YouthPass Unfolded, Points of You, diverse community development tools, trainings, board games, sports, etc.

3.Who can participate?

Young people with age between 18-30 who:

– are citizens or legal residents of the partner organization countries: Austria, Portugal, Spain and any other EU countries

–  show enthusiasm, motivation to learn and show creative knowledge ,abilities.

– are motivated to create and implement activities related with the environment and inclusion involving local teenagers and communities

– are determined to be involved in a long term mobility project that will finish after 11 months.

– have skills and willingness to adapt to a new country and culture.

– are interested in organizing community events, in non-formal education, in climate change issues and participation.

– have basic English speaking skills (this is not an essential condition).

– have artistic skills (music, dance, theater, painting) –  added value.

– are facing difficulties : socially, economically,  geographically, unemployment, school drop out, coming from minority community, from single parent family, from conflict area, foster care, etc.

Volunteers will be accommodated in one house/apartment with shared rooms (2 persons per room), kitchen, bathroom. The house/apartment will be equipped with all necessary utilities for living. Volunteers are responsible of keeping the apartment and rooms clean. Internet will be provided in the house and in the office.

4. More details, application form and deadline

More details about the project, the volunteering service and hosting country (including info about Covid 19 pandemic) :  BuildingStrongerCommunities_Infopack

Application form : https://forms.gle/DYSX8X7RPNBSR99U7

The deadline to apply is  15 September,  2020 ( our advise is to apply immediately)
Send your CV and fill the application form to office@ymca.ro till 15.09.2020.

The project is funded by European Solidarity Fund.

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