Over the (H)edge is all about exploring simple ways on how to work together with others, creating a common living space and designing various games outside in nature.

The idea of the project is to create a playful environment in which you will be encouraged to explore your own
capabilities, to put your values into practice and be inspired by yourself and others.

You will:
– play and learn outside in different settings;
– create a common living space with the rest of the group;
– discover practical ways how to include yourself and others;
– create and organise games/activities for each other;
– go on a hiking/biking/rafting adventure in the Netherlands;
– share your learnings within an intercultural group;
– have an unforgettable summer experience!

The exchange will consist of the following parts:
Experiencing – you will be participating in the games & workshops organised by the Group Leaders
Creating – in small international groups you will be organising games and activities for each other
Exploring – this will be the time to put all your improved skills in practice while going on a hiking, biking and rafting adventure in the Netherlands


1 group leader + 5 participants

Countries – Latvia, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria,  Greece

As group leader

● 18-21 years old
● excited about outdoor games and activities
● preferably having some background in working with groups
● enthusiastic, supportive, willing to take initiative and to encourage others
● willing to work more with us and give input in creating the project
● ready to create and deliver workshops for the group
● able to work in simple English

As participant

● 16-19 years old
● interested in nature and outdoor games
● preferably without any previous experience with Erasmus+ projects
● excited to improve your cooperation skills
● active and creative

Transport reimbursed inside the 275 Euro, accomodation and meals supported by the grant. There is a 75 EUR personal contribution to the program to be payed at Olde Vechte, Netherlands.

Deadline to apply – 30 June 2021

Application form – https://forms.gle/aDwLk4V583WycHJp9

All details –https://forms.gle/aDwLk4V583WycHJp9.