During the last two weeks the international volunteers have been doing workshops with Colegiul Economic Pintea Viteazul in Cavnic about sustainable lifestyle.

We started with questions to the kids about this type of lifestyle and discovered that when it comes to food, the kids know some good sustainable practices. Since they live in Cavnic, a relatively rural area, they shared with us how their grandparents’ vegetable gardens were and what they planted there. After exchanging ideas about this type of sustainability, we moved on to talking about hygiene products that you can do at home. We made toothpaste and lip balm at our house, showing them all the steps and ingredients. It was a very rewarding interactive experience! We also wanted to teach them an extremely simple example of healthy eating. With this in mind, we cooked pancakes with only oat and banana while the kids were watching and they turned out delicious! Some of the kids told us from one week to the other that they tried these experiments in their own houses, which made us very happy.

At last, we showed them also some tips about how to make decorations for your house with recycled materials or things that everyone usually has at home and doesn’t use with this purpose. Also, these activities are good for the kids (and us also!) to practice mindfulness and a deeper connection to the products we consume or see everyday.