The new vlog about these past months of December and January just came out! It puts one more small piece of the puzzle together, showing the story of two more of the eleven months that our international volunteers are spending here in the Building Stronger Communities project.

December and January were sliced in half by the holidays. Marina, Margarida and Sini left Baia Mare for three weeks to join their families and friends in their hometowns, while Antonio took the opportunity to spend the holidays in Romania. This time of the year, the end of the year, with its foggy cold weather, calls for reflection. In this video you can watch the international volunteers wondering around Cluj-Napoca, from where their planes to their home countries departed. Thinking about what they would bring home from their experience and how they would adapt again to their previous life after this experience. Also, with what spirit would they come back after these comforting holidays and what will be awaiting them. December and January were useful months to rethink this experience and recharge the batteries. The opportunity to be part of this project is a unique one and the international volunteers intend to make the most of it, whatever that means for each one of them.

In January, the Building Stronger Communities project has continued to work with schools from Baia Mare and Cavnic, Somaschi’s shelter and Dealul Florilor foster house. We will be pleased to increase our reach when the weather allows it!