Andrei was sent by YMCA Romania to collaborate on an ESC Project called Wider Horizon in Ommen, in the Netherlands. He will be there for two months between the end of March and the end of May, and we were very curious to know how his experience has been so far, so we asked him to send us a small testimonial on his first impressions. This is what he answers :

My name is Andrei Cornea, I am 24 years old and I’m currently doing my short-term ESC in Ommen, in the Netherlands.

I am volunteering in a camping site where we do all sorts of practical tasks, but mostly cleaning and fixing stuff.

The work there is very easy. I am going there by bike with another volunteer from Italy. Every Wednesday, we have a workshop session where we are engaged in different activities. It’s a lot of fun because we’re mostly playing games or doing some interactive and entertaining projects.

Ommen is quite a small town but it’s got everything you need. There is cycle paths everywhere and everything is inter-connected. The place we live in, which is called Olde Vechte, it’s a wonderful place and the atmosphere here is great. In the end, is about the people you meet and get along with. The community in this place provides you with that.