Between 9-16 August 2022, YMCA Romania organized in partership with YMCA Karpaty ( Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine) and YMCA Moldova the 1st International Overnight Camp in North West Rmania, in Maramures County, Sugatag Village, at Pensiunea Tincu.

20 campers from YMCAs from Romania and Karpaty and 25 leaders from the 3 organizations come together to create a safe environment, to build bridges and celebrate diversity and interculturality.

The concept was to bring together young people, build bridges and acknowledge our need for intercultural dialogue, providing support for young people from Ukraine and consolidating ties with young leaders from Moldova.

The international team lead by YMCA Romania young leaders elaborated the entire  learning process and context having the valuable contribution in delivering the activities and as camp counsellors.

The camp programs follows the structure and the standards of American Camp Associations , being focused on experiential learning, character building , skills development and fun.

This camp was a first event together and our plans are for a long term partnership , where camps can happen in Ukraine -in Verkhovena and in Republic of Moldova. It was very emotional to see the true YMCA spirit that the leaders passed it to the campers, the learning and fun process that went both ways – campers – team and team-campers.

On the second day of Camp, the president of YMCA Moldova Dumitru Roibu together the 2 young leaders and Olga Solomychuk – president of Karpaty YMCA Ukraine came in Baia Mare to meet Alina Pop the National General Secretary of YMCA Romania, they visited the Y office , learnt about the programs delivered by the YMCAs in Romania and had the chance t see to ROUA center, to talk with YMCA staf from Day care and experience first hand the learning activities of the Ukrainian kids established temporarily in Baia Mare, members of the Day Care program managed by YMCA Romania. The 3 leaders exchanged ideas on how to take this collaboration further and in the next months a plan will be created.

We are grateful for our hosts- Pensiunea Tincu  – for their care, high quality services and for sharing our values.

Big thank you goes to Prefectura Maramures  (especially to Mrs Subprefect Enik Krizsanovski)  and Inspectoratul Judetean de Urgenta – Punctul de comanda Sighetu Marmatiei for the professional and caring  support they have given to our Ukrainian team when passing the border.

Huge gratitude to YMCA Europe and Worldwide YMCA family for supporting this transformational program.