Camp HarmonY was a great safe space for young people from YMCAs of Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. The idea came to the YMCA leaders from Romania and Ukraine when they have met in Ukraine in the second day of Easter.  Great ideas flourished when we were sharing a traditional meal next to a gas station  and dreaming to bring our campers together.

The idea came into place thanks to YMCA Europe who funded this opportunity and we invited the young leaders of YMAC Moldova who are also working with Ukrainian rights holders to develop their capacity in running camps.

So the 3 organizations mobilized themselves and created one week of fun, safety, wellbeing and ease , learning from each other, having fun together, overcoming the challenges, supporting each other, listening and sharing. Therefore, 44 people – kids and young leaders joined together in sat Sugatag, Romania,  at Pensiunea Tincu .

The YMCA has created a safe space for the young ones, open dialogues, processes such as the “Labyrinth Theater”, Olympian-themed obstacle courses, and team-building challenges supported the  campers to be more inquisitive, testing their critical thinking, self-awareness abilities, and capacity to be resilient to change. Young campers were also encouraged to jump on the stage, perform, dance, take part in arts and craft workshops, and discover their talents.

The testimonies of leaders and young campers reflected how YMCA is indeed a big family, and how welcoming everyone has been.
The organizations of YMCA Romania, YMCA Moldova, and YMCA Karpaty have ensured the activities are delivered at quality standards.

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