Empowering Summer Camp Youth Leaders (ESYL for short) is a short training course, hosted by YMCA Nederland, to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe. The training course takes place from 25 – 29 of May, and is located on one of the national camp sites of YMCA Nederland in Leusden, in the middle of The Netherlands.


The main goals of the ESYL training are:

  • to strengthen the YMCA summer camp work in Europe by sharing knowledge with each other, learning new ideas, methods and games from each other. 
  • to try to create Some sort of ‘standard’ for European summer camps from the YMCA and related organisations (for example Don Bosco).

Making a standard means that we start making a rough guideline of what you offer as YMCA when you organise summer camps, what it is to make sure you offer quality that fits within the YMCA, and what you need to reach that quality.


Participant profile:

  • Young people aged between 17 and 30
  • volunteers and/or youth workers who organise summer camps, or want to learn how to organise summer camps


What does the program look like?

The training starts on the 22nd of May and ends on 29th.

The program will be full of knowledge about how to organise summer camps, how to work with youth, to be a good youth leader, group work and of course games!

After you decide to join the training, you will receive more information about the schedule and course of activities.



The training takes place on the YMCA Campsite of the Dutch YMCA.

The campsite can host up to 300 people at the same time, divided into 9 different groups. Although it is a big terrain, it is still a simple accommodation.

There is a big kitchen in the central building, where the staff works and prepares the dinners. Here you will also find the shower rooms and toilets. The campsites itself consist of tents, so you will need to bring a sleeping bag with you. The address of the campsite is: Paradijsweg 4, Leusden.

For pictures of the campsite, use this link: http://www.ymcakampeercentra.nl/foto-s


Travel and reimbursement:

You will need to travel to the train station of Amersfoort, a city in the middle of The Netherlands, on your own. Amersfoort is easy to reach by a direct train from Amsterdam and from Schiphol Airport. If you fly to Eindhoven or Rotterdam, you might need to change trains in Utrecht.

In Amersfoort, you will be picked up by a minivan, as the campsite is a bit hard to reach, as it is in the middle of the woods.

The maximum amount you can get reimbursed for travel costs is 275 Euros. This includes the train ticket to Amersfoort, and travel costs in your own country. Any costs over 275 Euros are paid by the participant.


Make sure to keep track of all your travel receipts to be eligible for reimbursement. The reimbursement will be done by bank account.


Deadline to apply by: 20th April

Application form: application form ESYL 2022

More information: infoletter ESYL 2022

Please fill the application form and send it to office@ymca.ro or alina@ymca.ro