This international youth exchange will take place in Torre de Greco, Italy, right on the seaside and next to Pompei and Sorrento. The accomodation is at Hotel Holidays.  (


From 04/03/2022 to 14/03/2022 (including travel).


Participants will come from 5 different countries of the European Union: Italy, Hungary, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Romania. The groups will be formed by 1 leader, aged from 18 and up, and 6 participants, aged from 18 to 23.

Aim of project

To inform young people about the opportunities offered by the Erasmus +program
Achieve a conscious use and a no longer passive use of technology
To increase one’s abilities in terms of both autonomy and competence as well as collaboration and mutual tolerance.
Acquire greater self-esteem in such a way as to believe more in themselves,which will greatly facilitate them in learning to define their future goals and define themselves with respect to others.

All the activities of the project are modulated to favor and facilitate the exchange between different cultural realities, thus favoring and improving the skills of the participants through the sharing of good practices at an international level. In addition to the playful aspects, of personal and interpersonal knowledge, we will inform and prepare young people for a conscious use and a no longer passive use of technology through the use of coding programs taking into account their interests and values. We believe that increasing the skills of young people on technology and digital are key factors for accessing the job market.

Advanced Planning Visit
An APV is foreseen and a leader or experienced participant will be present for each nation. The APV  will take place between 2-3 March 2022, and the leader needs to already have international experience and be willing to join the organizing team  to prepare the program and the place for the arrival of the participants.

Logistics and safety

The structure is designed to accommodate participants with disabilities and is equipped with a projection room and a good internet connection.

The organizers  will comply with all measures indicated by the Authority to protect ourselves and others against COVID-19.


Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to the limits of the program Erasmus +(275 EUR round trip)

There is a personal contribution f 50 E as donation to the organizers.

European Insurance Card  is valid in Italy and to all participants coming from an EU country it is highly recommended.

All the people involved in the program must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Deadline for application – 18 January 2021

Application form:

Infoletter – Infoletter Coding corretta Torre