Would you like to develop dynamic learning opportunities for others? Do you want to practice adding educational value to

outdoor activities? Are you looking for ways to improve your facilitation skills?

Then Over the (H)edge might be THE project for you!


Over the (H)edge is all about exploring the creation of dynamic youth exchange experiences, while adding educational value to simple
activities and discovering the joy of facilitation. Simply said: practicing basic facilitation techniques while delivering fun and impactful activities!

After having developed various exchange experiences focusing on outdoor activities, cooperation and community living for more than 5
years, it is time to take the next step. We would like to share the know-how and show the “behind the scenes” of our work. We would like to offer a playground for you, through which you can explore the creation of such dynamic learning opportunities.

During these dynamic 6 days you will have the chance to discover:
– how to add educational value to activities;
– how to guide the learning process of other people;
– how to stand in front of a group;
– how to give instructions for an activity – how to close an activity;
– how to stimulate the cooperation and community aspect;
– how to create context-based programs;
– how to develop dynamic exchange experiences;
– how to turn separate activities into a learning program;
– how to develop your own method.

Whom are we searching for? – 2 participants per organization

• 18-30 years old
• active within your organization and/or local community
• someone who has been in front of/with groups before
• eager to learn more about facilitation and the
development of educational experiences
• excited about outdoor games and activities
• able to work in English
• motivated to create learning opportunities for others


22 August – 29 August 2022


Ommen, Olde Vechte Foundation, Nederland

Travel Reimbursement

You will get full travel reimbursement amount at the end of the event, according to the country you are coming from.

Latvia, Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia, Czechia, Greece (Praxis) | 275 euros

Cyprus, Greece (Roes Cooperativa) | 360 euros

Deadline to apply for Romania : 20 July 2022

More Info and contact – alina.ymca@gmail.com

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