Between the 22nd and 29th of August 2022, our young leaders Vlad and Horatiu participated in the learning event Over the (H)edge. The project took place in Omen, the Netherlands by Olde Vechte Foundation. This learning opportunity was all about exploring the creation of dynamic youth exchange experiences, while adding educational value to simple activities and discovering the joy of facilitation. Simply said: practicing basic facilitation techniques while delivering fun and impactful activities.

As Vlad mentioned in his testimonial:

“We went to Ommen for a training about facilitation. There, we had to cooperate and live together with young people around Europe while learning facilitation techniques and creating our own activities. It was a great learning experience and the people there were amazing. After just a few days it felt like we were a family, we cooperated to create meaningful moments and to help each other grow. By the end of it I was surprised to see what I am capable of in the right context and with the right people. I felt like a child on the playground, curious and willing to experience, experiment and to grow, I felt safe to make mistakes and to turn them into teachings. I tried to give my everything and it showed. By the end of it, I felt like a brand new person, I felt like myself again. And that was the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

Horatiu also mentioned that:

“We arrived in Ommen on the 22nd of august late at night and were pretty exhausted because of the long trip that we had to take to get there. But once we did, the concept of “exhaustion” was set to be our dearest friend. In Ommen we’ve met the most amazing people we could have and we had the pleasure to take part in a wide range of activities that would not only form us as facilitators but also bring the whole collective together. Because of that I can say that everything that we did, we did together and among friends not just random people. Being happy, exhausted, laughing, wondering, experimenting and so on were just a few of the emotions that we felt every day. The whole experience helped me become a better facilitator but not only that, it helped me find myself, discover new things about myself and my surroundings, to care more, help more, be more. I am very grateful that I was able to take part in such a wonderful project, I hope this is only the beginning and I’m sure the rest is yet to come!”

On the 22nd of September 2022, Vlad and Horatiu facilitated a dissemination activity for our volunteers. Facilitation skills, creativity, team building, fun were the main ingredients of this activity.  Our young leaders practiced what they learnt in the learning event Over the (H)edge. Here are some photos from the dissemination activity: