We launch the YMCA volunteer ️camp training so REGISTER NOW!
The deadline is until 22 March.
In 2023 we’re doing things differently, so if you want to find out and get involved, complete the form in the link and join the YMCA team for an amazing summer!
Bring yourself and bring your friends to the YMCA training, a safe space where you will learn about:
✔️ Summer camps
✔️How to be silly
✔️ Value-based education
✔️How to have the best fun
✔️ Why camp is awesome
✔️ And many many more…
Take on this opportunity and choose to do something different this summer☀️, but if you’re still unsure of what`s / ifs/ and how`s just write a message and we’ll do our best to support you!
#ymcaromania #ymcabaiamare #cavnicymca