We are happy to announce that Camp HarmonY 2nd edition will take place between 14-19 August 2023 in Ungureni village, Maramures county, Romania!

Since this is an international camp bringing 3 countries together we decided in 2022 to brand this camp as “HarmonY”. We chose this name because it’s an important word for us and symbolizes peacefulness and agreement with each other. “Har” in Greek and in Romanian means – God given gift.

Camp HarmonY  2023 is organized by YMCA Romania in partnership with YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Moldova and funded by YMCA Europe as a “YMCA Camp Europe Initiative”

Themes that we will approach during the camp:
❖ Peace & Harmony
❖ Tolerance
❖ Resilience
❖ Adaptability
❖ Connecting with nature and to others
❖ Values
❖ Character development
❖ Recognizing and managing emotions
❖ Validation
❖ Teamwork
❖ Creativity
❖ Diversity

The core competencies pursued through the Camp Program
Humanity and dignity
Reconnecting with people around us to develop a harmonious relationship
Connecting with nature and exploring the contexts it offers
Confidence and self-esteem
Personal example
Reflective listening
Problem solving and decision making

YMCA “Vision 2030”

Our shared vision is to build a just, sustainable and equitable world where every child, youth, adult, senior can thrive – body, mind and spirit. Activating the YMCA Vision 2030 strategy (https://www.ymca.int/about-us/vision-2030/) – a commitment assumed by all YMCAs around the world – we aim to apply in our camps the pillars -Community Wellbeing, Sustainable planet and Just world, enriching and integrating the camp experience into everyday life! The “Vision 2030” strategy, adopted in July 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark, represents our promise to young people and to the planet.

Thus, through the camp program we aim to:

❖ Provide safe spaces for mind, body and spirit by creating programs that harmoniously support the development of children, youth and communities in terms of their physical, spiritual and mental health

❖ Support the empowerment of children and young people in terms of interaction with the environment by integrating components of climate education

❖ Empower children and young people to become peacemakers by educating them in the spirit of promoting and supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, human dignity.

Campers: 35 kids and young people (age 10-16) – Leaders: 15 persons (age 17+); at least 90% being young people with age between 17-30 years old. – Ukrainian campers: min 20 (15 from Ukraine, 5 Ukrainian refugees from Romania) – Ukrainian direct beneficiaries (campers, leaders, IDPs, refugees) – min 25 persons adults/leaders
Age groups: 10-13; 14-16 – for campers
Location: https://podinaresort.com/ro
Activities will done in English, Romanian, Ukrainian

Standard daily program
❖ 8:30-9:45 – Raising the flag, breakfast, cleaning
❖ 9:45 -13:00 – Learning Camp Activities
❖ 13:00-15:00 – Lunch and Siesta
❖ 15:00-18:30 – Interactive Fun Camp Games
❖ 19:00-20:00 – Dinner & Lowering the Flag
❖ 20:00- 21:30 – Camp Evening program
❖ 21:30-22:00 – Tap Talks & Bedtime – Lights out

All campers and leaders are selected by the 3 national movements – YMCA Romania, YMCA Ukraine, YMCA Moldova.

For more details and registration form please check the infoletter here: InfoLetter HarmonY Camp _2023_ROMANIA