Look inside and Bring it OUT!

Breathe Out welcomes a sense of belonging and community building. It is all about slowing down, recharging, and getting ready to take action – either inside or outside.

Through this project, we would like to create a recharging and inclusive learning experience for you. How? By exploring what nature has to offer to support the group process. It’s going to be a new beginning!

During these dynamic 10 days you will have a chance to:
● discover how you can create and belong to a sustainable community;
● look at the topic of well-being from different perspectives;
● explore your strengths and capabilities;
● reinforce your values and your life vision;
● connect with others and nature:
● find out how to communicate using more than language;
● be supportive and promote inclusion;
● learn how you can guide your own learning process;
● reset, reshape & reconnect!

In 10 days you will have time for inspiration within a diverse and intercultural group of 42 youngsters from 7 different countries.

● using nature as a playground;
● creating a unique space with the rest of the group;
● slowing down while staying active and awake;
● sharing your knowledge by organizing games/activities;
● joining a series of outdoor activities;
● discovering practical ways how to cooperate;
● exploring different rhythms and challenges;
● having a powerful summer experience.

During the preparation meeting (PV) we will have time to shape our exchange experience – you will have the chance to spend some time with us upfront and share your inputs about what you
would like to have in the exchange program.

whom are we searching for? PV: 1 group leader and 1 participant
YE: 1 group leader and 5 participants

as a group leader you are:

● 20-25 years old
● excited about the topic of the exchange
● preferably someone who has some background in working with youngsters
● enthusiastic, supportive, willing to take initiative and encourage others
● willing to work more with us and give input while creating the project
● ready to create and deliver workshops for the group
● excited to work on the topic of well-being
● able to work in simple English

as a participant you are:

● 18-25 years old
● interested in nature and in having a long conversation with yourself
● enthusiastic to explore and discover with others
● excited to work on the topic of well-being
● active and creative
● excited to work in an informal learning environment

Preparation visit: you will receive the exact amount that you spend on your tickets (within the given budget): Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Czechia, Greece | 275 euros

Youth Exchange: you can either use the green travel option or the non-green option. Regardless, you will get the full travel reimbursement amount at the end of the event, according to the country
you are coming from.

Participation fee:
In case you choose the non-green travel option, there is a 75 euros participation fee for the Youth Exchange, which you can pay from your reimbursement.
For example – the travel cost is 200 euros, you will get 275 euros. With the 75 euros that are left, you are able to pay the participation fee of 75 euros.

More details:Breathe-Out-infoletter

Application form : Breathe Out | Application Form

Deadline: 10.07.2024