More than 80 young volunteers between 16 and 30 years, from different YMCAs in Europe will meet from August 2–10, 2024 in the YMCA Camp Michelstadt (near Frankfurt am Main).
As participant you will share your experiences in youth work in different social backgrounds, you will present your best practises in youth work, you will discover diversity as a treasure for yourself and for the society, you will be challenged by international volunteer and professional young leaders and you will have a lot of fun.
To take part in this camp you should speak and understand English at a basic level, you should have some experiences as volunteer/young leader in YMCA youth work, maybe already participated in some leadership trainings.
At the end of activity every participant will receive a Youth Pass Certificate.

Official theme of our activity: Ignite Change – European young leader creating a sustainable, healthy youth work and walking together toward sustainable, healthy communities

Activity date: August 2-10, 2024
Venue: YMCA Camp Michelstadt (near Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Accommodation: Wooden cabins with 6 – 10 beds
Total no. participants: 80 participants, 20 leaders, extra trainers
Age of participants: 16 – 30 years (leaders 30+)
Language: English
Partner YMCAs from: Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Kosovo, Malta, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine

Host Team: Markus Rapsch, Beate Turck, Claudia Kuhn
Participation fee: 150 Euro (reduction on request to be decided) includes: accommodation, food, programme, insurance
Travel costs: Travels should be organised by your national YMCA;green travelling should be checked. Travel costs will be reimbursed by cash during the activity (according to Erasmus+ travel categories)

Final programme will be worked out by the international leader team (from every partner YMCA max. 2 leaders).
As participant you will have various programme options to choose, f.e. from
Camp courses (first idea collection):
 Leadership training (youth work)
 Treehouse building/outdoor-experience
 Sports and new games
 Ten Sing, Music, Band
 Digital change training
 Mental health
 Peace building
 Environmental-natur conservation
Also everyone is invited to bring his/her best practise ideas for short workshop/experiences.

Here more details: 2024_prep-weekend_letter-to-leaders.docx

Application form: 2024_registration_prep-weekend_form

Deadline to apply – 30 May 2024