Dear YMCA Friends,

Welcome to Camp HarmonY 3.0 !

The moment we will all meet for the camp is approaching and we would like to share some general information. YMCA Romania develops programs in terms of standards, regarding planification, implementation and evaluation of summer camps, following best practices used on global levels (specifically YMCA USA Camps – part of American Camp Associations Standards), the YMCA having over 125 years of experience in creating and structuring camp programs for children and teens.

Since this is an international camp bringing 3 countries together we decided in 2022 to brand this camp as “HarmonY”.

We chose this name because it’s an important word for us and symbolises peacefulness and agreement with each other. “Har” in Greek and in Romanian means – God given gift.

Camp HarmonY is organised by YMCA Romania in partnership with YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Moldova and is funded by YMCA Europe as a “YMCA Camp Europe Initiative”        (for international participants – Ukraine and Moldova)  and County Council Maramures ( for Romanian participants). This year’s camp benefits from the great support and participation of Ms Margaret Aymler – Day Camp Director YMCA Camp Duncan USA and Mr Bobby Thomas – Executive director YMCA Camp Cullen USA.

 This project is implemented with the financial support of Consiliul Județean Maramureș (Maramureș County Council) and YMCA Camp Europe Initiative.

 The camp will take place between the 17th of August 2024  (arrival day – afternoon) and the 22nd of August 2024 (departure day) in Sugatag village, Maramures county, Romania. In the 3rd year, we are going back to the first location, as village, in a new, spectacular location, in the forest.


  • to create a safe space for campers and leaders where they can share, learn, be empowered, have fun, create friendships, to be in harmony with self, nature and others – to create a network of camp practitioners who are working with refugees, and IDPs on a daily basis.
  • to increase the capacity of all 3 organizations – increasing the quality of the program, teambuilding skills among the camp leaders, exchange of best practices and know-how, strengthening the international collaboration between YMCAs in the region, growing together.
  • to strengthen the camp professionals network of the 3 movements – HR, programmatic, procedures, etc – having also the great support of YMCA USA camp professionals

We plan to have:

  • YMCA Ukraine – 15 persons,out of which at least 12 kids and young people with age between 12-17 (internally displaced people, kids, and young people affected by war); the other maximum 3 will be leaders;
  • YMCA Moldova –out of which at least 3 kids and young people with age between 12-17 ; the other maximum 2 will be leaders
  • YMCA Romania – 30 persons, out of which 24 kids and young people ages between 14-17 (Ukrainian refugees, Romanian kids, and young people); the other maximum 6 will be leaders.

YMCA “Vision 2030”

Our shared vision is to build a just, sustainable and equitable world where every child, youth, adult, senior can thrive – body, mind and spirit.

Activating the YMCA Vision 2030 strategy ( – a commitment assumed by all YMCAs around the world – we aim to apply in our camps the pillars -Community Wellbeing, Sustainable planet and Just world, enriching and integrating the camp experience into everyday life!

The “Vision 2030” strategy, adopted in July 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark, represents our promise to young people and to the planet.

  Thus, through the camp program we aim to:

  • Provide safe spaces for mind, body and spirit by creating programs that harmoniously support the development of youth and communities in terms of their physical, spiritual and mental health
  • Support the empowerment of young people in terms of interaction with the environment by integrating components of climate education
  • Empower young people to become peacemakers by educating them in the spirit of promoting and supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, human dignity
  • Standard daily program8:30-9:45 – Raising the flag, breakfast, cleaning

    9:45 -13:00 – Learning Camp Activities

    13:00-15:00 – Lunch and Siesta

    15:00-18:30 – Interactive Fun Camp Games

    19:00-20:00 – Dinner & Lowering the Flag

    20:00- 21:30 – Camp Evening program

    21:30-22:00 – Tap Talks & Bedtime – Lights out

     Only for the camp team: 22:15-23:15 – Evaluation of the day and brief about the next day activities.

Other information:

  •  The accommodation is at  Location: Casa Moroseneasca, Sat Sugatag, Maramures – , the sleeping arrangements being 2-4 persons in the same room, same gender, same group age, same country (if possible)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Travelling is covered by the participants or partner organisation (Co-funding) , as follows:
  • for YMCA Moldova – travelling by car from Chisinau to Casa Moroseneasca  Resort and back – co- funding
  • for YMCA Ukraine – The travelling inside Ukraine from the home cities of participants/leaders till Solotvino/Sighetu Marmatiei border -co-funding

Note*: From Solotvino/Sighet border  there will be transport provided by YMCA Romania by Minibuses on our expenses.

  • for YMCA Romania – travelling from home city to Camp location and back -co-funding
  • Arrival at camp location : 17th august 2024 – 4 PM
  • Departure from camp location: 22nd august 2024 – 10/11 AM

 What to pack and bring with you:

  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Hygiene products
  • Bathing suit
  • Comfortable closed shoes & flip-flops
  • Hat/cap
  • Comfortable clothes/sport, including long pants
  • Rain jacket
  • hoodie/jacket
  • Backpack
  • Medicines (if need it)
  • Sun screen
  • Spray against ticks

More details in the infoletter Infoletter Camp HARmonY 3.0_EN

Registration Form for campers: Camp HarmonY Registration Form – campers

Registration Form for Leaders: Camp HarmonY Registration Form – camp leaders

Please register all the details in the Camp registration form for yourself and your group till 15th  of  July 2024.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Romania on 17th of August 2024!

 YMCA Romania Team