“The Exodus for Peace & Human Rights” expresses the willingness of the project partnership to get to know and explore cultures, knowledge and migration realities of the participating countries & people representing respectively Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey & Ukraine.
The specific themes of this youth exchange are:
1) “Creativity, arts and culture”
2) “Preventing racism and discrimination”
3) “Human rights and rule of law ”.
We wish to get to know on a daily basis all the cultures in the partnership by exchanging our migration experiences and realising the intercultural evenings dedicated to each country and organization with games, videos, activities who can shed light on stereotypes and prejudices. We would like to reproduce traditional and modern atmospheres of our countries and our migration cultures to offer a more complete picture of who we are. We underline that each partner is invited to include in the exchange at least 3 young immigrants, second generations or ethnic minorities. It is our habit to make integrated groups not to create ghettoes or happy oases, we believe that there is always something to learn from each other and solidarity brings well-being. To be concise, our objectives are:
1. Take care of participants through workshops of art & culture.
2. Break stereo-types and shed light on the participating countries & people.
3. Offer participants the opportunity to prepare, lead and evaluate group activities also while keeping in mind potential work occupations.

4. Inform participants about further opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ Sub- Programmes: YOUTH (intercultural exchanges, volunteering, training courses), VET vocational working training abroad; UNIVERSITY study abroad.
5. Spread healthy values such diversity, brotherhood, inclusion, sharing, well-being.
6. Promote non formal education, very functional for youth activation.
7. Invest in the follow-up activities brainstormed and structured by participants.

Who can participate
The project “The Exodus for Peace & Human Rights!” is an intercultural youth exchange involving 40 young people and 8 group leaders from Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey & Ukraine. They can be:
1) Young boys and girls, aged about 20-25 years old following a formal study path but also loving the informal learning typical of youth associations and the intercultural workshops organized by them. In this intercultural exchange the youth interests and needs orbit the themes of creativity, social inclusion & dialogue meant also as future occupation on the long run, hopefully after their studies.
2) Young boys and girls, aged about 20-25 years old, who have completed their statutory education and are now searching for an occupation or are carrying out temporary or seasonal jobs and are actively participating in the associational life and its inclusion workshops. In this intercultural exchange the youth interests and needs orbit the themes of creativity, social inclusion & dialogue meant as future occupation on the short and medium run.

Advance Planning Visit:
29th August – 1st September 2024 (1 group leader per organization)
Intercultural Youth Exchange:
4th – 15th October 2024 (1 group leader+ 5 participants per organization).
Participants are required to be involved in at least the 90% of the program in order to benefit from the Erasmus+ Programme financial contribution.

The project will take place and we will sleep in the town of San Giorgio del Sannio (BN) at “Convento Francescano SS. Annunziata” www.ofmsangiorgiodelsannio.it . It is a Franciscan catholic monastery which offers several services to the community and supports localassociations focusing on social work, especially with migrants. Rooms can host up to to 8 people and have bathrooms and showers in the corridors. The place has a theatre and common areas where the group can work together. Everybody is expected to be involved in a community life and manage the monastery.
IMPORTANT: The monastery doesn’t have a Wi-Fi internet connection, so we strongly advice to arrange a suitable solution with a mobile provider before arrival in Italy.
The activities created in San Giorgio del Sannio will be completed in the town of Fragneto Monforte on 11th, 12h & 13th October within the frame of Balloon Gathering Festival, where we will perform music, dance and street animation performances and run a human rights and social inclusion campaign also by making digital products in favour of immigrants, refugees, second generations of all communities. We invite to consider these as opportunities and concrete actions to pursue our dreams and goals!

Infoletter :The Exodus for Peace & Human Rights – Infoletter-

Application form:The Exodus for Peace & Human Rights -Application Form- 

Deadline for group leader – 30.06.2024

Deadline for participants: 30.07.2024

Application forms to be sent to office@ymca.ro